I believe in clean air. 

Provo has a Clean Air Toolkit that is excellent and I want to work to make more information like this available to the public about how we can fix our air. I want to listen your concerns about air quality, because it not only affects you, but your friends and family as well. I will work to improve public transportation to lessen pollution. I want to see kids safely playing outside during the winter again.

I believe in active transportation and public transportation. 

Parking, safer sidewalks, and protected bike lanes affect everyone in Provo, and I think it’s important to have regular, open communication about what is changing in our city. Our city need an efficient transportation plan to keep our air clean all year long. I would like the City Council to explore more projects to incentivize students to bike, walk, and utilize public transportation.

I believe in affordable housing. 

Affordable housing is an important local issue that affects a lot of people in Provo, whether as an economic challenge to young families or an aspect of reducing homelessness. I want to ensure that Provo residents are not adversely limited or preyed upon as they search for a place to live. Provo as a lot of young parents and it is important to help them provide safe, stable environments for their children.

I believe in downtown Provo.

Local businesses bring quality jobs and improve our community. I want to make sure that the voices of business owners are heard and their problems addressed quickly.  Downtown Provo continues to grow and we have a lot to offer our residents. It’s important to emphasize how our local economy enriches our city. I want to encourage constituents to support their small local businesses.

I believe young people are our future. 

I want to encourage young people to take more opportunities to get involved in their community and local government. High school and college is an important to connect to other people while taking those first career building steps. Young people deserve someone to represent their interests, and Provo has a high student population. I want to work to reduce the alienation that many feel from local politics.

I believe in diversity and inclusion. 

As a biracial woman, it is my goal to work to make Provo safer for other residents who are part of marginalized groups. Young people, people of color, women, people with disabilities, immigrants, and members of the LGBTQ+ are some of the folks that do not always see themselves in local government. I am here to listen to everyone.